ResPro Labs Innovation Challenge (RIC)

ResPro Labs (RPL) has created the Raspberry Pi Jam Kovai to provide an opportunity for engineering students to showcase their innovation in the fields not limited to robotics, bio-medical, automation, security and agriculture integrating any of the technologies not limited to Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Raspberry pi Jam Kovai will recognize outstanding innovation and achievement by University students and their mentors.

Dates: Registrations for RIC starts on 21 December, 2017 and the project proposals must be submitted no later than 15 January, 2018.

Eligibility Criteria: RIC is open to all teams of individuals who are full-time college or university students in India. A team can have an individual to a maximum of 3 students. Each team must register by filling an online application in the link given below which includes all team related details. Each team must have a mentor from their participating university.

Contest Phases: RIC will be conducted in three phases.
  1. Design Proposal
  2. Implementation
  3. Competition

Phase 1: Design Proposal
RIC starts on 21 December, 2017 and the deadline for entries is 15 January, 2018. Each team will submit a proposal that includes design and application as a pdf document not more than 10 pages. The document must contain sufficient texts, diagrams along with required kits for designing application fully. Each entry should contain a Certificate of Original Work attested by the Principal or Head of the Department of the university. Shortlisted teams for the RIC Phase 2 will be notified by 25 January, 2018.
Phase 2: Implementation
In the implementation phase, shortlisted teams will complete their projects after notification of their acceptance by RPL. Each such team will submit a complete project report along with video file of working project to by 15 February, 2018. Shortlisted teams for the RIC Phase 3 finals will be notified by 20 February, 2018.
Phase 3: Competition
Ten finalists selected from the teams completing Phase 2 will be invited to bring their completed projects to the final design contest to be held in 25 March, 2018.
Judging Criteria
The decision of Judges panel will be final. The following criteria are considered for judging the entries:
  1. Uniqueness and of project
  2. Application of project to industry and society
  3. Efficiency of project design and kits used
  4. Usage of technology
  5. Submission of project report

Important points to remember:
  1. The proposal submitted to RIC must be team’s original work.
  2. No person can be a member of more than one team submitting entries to RIC.
  3. A professor can serve as a mentor for only one team.
  4. Contest entries and other submissions must be received on or before each of the deadlines set in these rules. Entries received after any deadline will be disqualified. No exceptions will be made.
  5. All entries must include: Project Title, an abstract describing the project and the letter from HOD/ Principal in a form stating that the project is Team’s Original Work.
  6. Entries must not have been published anywhere in the world in any language or the subject of a public presentation.

In addition to the prize of Rs. 15,000 for Title Winner of RIC, the mentors of top twenty teams will be recognized and honored by ResPro Labs for their contribution towards mentoring the innovative projects.

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